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Today's Green email [Nov. 23rd, 2007|02:57 pm]
The Australian Greens

Welcome friends

Well it is all over bar the voting and counting. We remain strongly hopeful of crossing the million vote mark for the first time – and delivering the strongest team yet in to the Senate.

It is still not too late to help. Please talk to your friends, your family and your neighbours about the importance of getting a strong and independent Senate.

The Greens will bring balance to the Senate and ensure accountability - whichever party is in Government.

If you can help tomorrow please contact your state campaign office or register online.

Saving the Devil
Bob Brown has called on federal Labor and the Coalition to put $40 million over 5 years into saving Tasmania's iconic Devil to properly fund research and management to find the cause of Devil Facial Tumour Disease. read more

Protecting the rights of women
The Greens are planning to protect women's rights, reproductive rights in particular. If conservative groups like Family First hold the balance of power women's rights will be under threat. The Greens want to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies by improving sex and relationship education. We want to ensure that women have access to free, legal and safe pregnancy termination services including unbiased pregnancy counselling. read more
NB: The Greens are fielding more women candidates than either of the major parties.

Federal court split decision on Gunns
The Greens are calling on whoever will be the Minister for the Environment next Monday, to urgently review the huge impact of Gunns' pulp mill on Tasmania's native forests and wildlife habitat. The full judgement can be read at: http://www.fedcourt.gov.au

Greens put uranium issue back on the election menu
Nuclear familyThe Howard Government has stopped spruiking its plans for 25 nuclear reactors across the country, and the ALP has gone quiet on its expansion of uranium mining. And if the ALP thinks nuclear power is too dangerous for Australians, why is it safe for Indonesians and our other neighbours? Why is it safe to sell nuclear material to Putin's Russia?

The Victorian Greens hosted a nuclear family barbecue in Melbourne's Treasury Gardens today to help put the spotlight back on the nuclear issue.

Also read more on this event at Greensblog here.

Putin puts nukes on higher alert
Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again ramping up his dangerous behaviour, putting his strategic nuclear weapons on an even higher state of alert and pulling out of the treaty that effectively ended the Cold War, the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty. President Putin's record of wars, war-games, human rights abuses and suppression of both the democracy movement and the free press make this latest sabre-rattling a very serious threat indeed. Watch anti-nuke video here


Australia Talks radio show

Australia Talks this afternoon is an election wrap-up – if you want to have your voice heard the phone number is 1300 22 55 76. Program times are 6 pm (Vic, NSW, SA, ACT and NT) 5 pm Qld, 4 pm WA

Greensblog and election day
Our Greenblogger will be hard at work from the Tally Room on Saturday night. Get an early taste of the discussion here. Tune in at http://www.greenblog.org

Campaigning SouthPark style
An unusual SouthPark-like interpretation of Howard and Rudd letting rip on climate change has made it on to YouTube See here.

Vote the bastards out choir
A very uplifting flashmob doing a wonderfully choral interpretation of 'vote the bastards out' – enjoy. See here.

The Greens dirt machine
The Victorian Greens have made a unique video contribution to the campaign of smears, misinformation and dirt flying around in the dying days of the election campaign. You can view the Greens' contribution to the political dirt files here.

From The Greens National Election Campaign Team
See you on the other side of the election !
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Rescue the Senate! explained... [Nov. 21st, 2007|07:03 am]
The Australian Greens
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Bob Brown makes Rove Live tolerable for 40 seconds... [Nov. 20th, 2007|08:22 am]
The Australian Greens

Heart Bob! (Hate Rove!) ;)
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Extracts from recent news releases [Nov. 17th, 2007|12:03 pm]
The Australian Greens
Highlights from the Greens National Campaign.

Welcome friends

Election Day is almost upon us. Despite the media's obsessions with Presidential-style campaigning, the far right's efforts to undermine us and the emergence of new micro parties trying to cash in on rising concerns about the environment, things are going well for us!

But there is still more we – and you – can do.

Can you help ensure our ads are more widely seen and heard? Just $50 can give us tens of thousands of 'eyeballs' online or get our radio ads played more. Please visit our online donation page and donate what you can afford.

We also need help with leaflets, staffing stalls, writing letters and generally get our message out there. And of course there is lots to do on Election Day itself. Please contact your state campaign office or register online.


Restoring Democracy

ACT candidate Kerrie Tucker launched the Greens’ policy for a strong, independent Senate. With the Liberals under the spotlight for rorting the Regional Partnerships Program, the need to restore the Senate to its role as a strong, independent House of Review is crucial.

Multicultural futures
Kerry Nettle launched the Greens multicultural policy on the United Nation's International Day of Tolerance. "In little more than a decade the Howard government has undermined multiculturalism and divided Australia", Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said.

"An important first step is re-instating a Minister for Multiculturalism. Then we need substantial new investment in settlement services, language education and programmes to tackle racism. We also need to get rid of the divisive citizenship test."

Community Law and Legal Aid
The Greens have committed to a funding injection of $250 million per year for Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres to ensure that low income citizens are no longer shut out of the Australian justice system.
“It’s clear that the not-for-profit legal sector continues to be starved of funds by the Howard Government which results in only the wealthy being able to seek redress in our courts”, Senator Nettle said.

Banning alcohol advertising
Australia long ago banned tobacco advertising and sponsorship of sporting and cultural events. The Greens will apply the same restrictions to alcohol advertising. “Alcohol significantly contributes to assaults, accidents and suicides and the World Health Organisation considers that alcohol has a similar impact on human health to tobacco,” Greens lead Senate candidate for Victoria, Dr Richard Di Natale said.

Rudd and Howard's climate blind spot
Australia must tackle our dependency on coal for energy. Both the big old parties will only talk about climate change when they think they absolutely have to, and neither is willing to challenge coal’s position.
“Once again, we have been reminded today that Australia’s energy sector is the most greenhouse-polluting in the world, per capita, because it is the most coal-dependent energy sector in the world,” said Senator Milne.

Healthy Universities
The Greens Higher Education Policy recognises the urgent need to boost public investment in public universities, to support students and assist researchers to equip Australia to thrive in the 21st Century. Students have massive HECS debts, teaching staff are under stress and research talent has been driven overseas. The Greens policy will bring public expenditure on universities up into the top ten of OECD countries as a first step to restoring the sector to full health. Read more

Energy efficient commercial buildings
The Greens will drive the uptake of energy efficiency opportunities in commercial buildings, reducing energy bills and greenhouse emissions through a new policy that would use mandatory disclosure of building energy efficiency ratings to encourage the uptake of efficiency opportunities.

The Energy Efficiency Access and Savings Initiative 2 (EASI 2) complements EASI 1 , which would roll out energy efficiency upgrades for households, and the Greens policy for industrial energy efficiency. Together, these policies can achieve close to a third of the emissions reductions necessary to meet the Greens 2020 target.

Bob Brown got to put his views on the ‘Hack’ current affairs program. Hear it here.

Two Bob's worth tv ad
Bob Brown has a double starring role in the latest Greens' TV advert that explains the power of voting Green in the Senate.

Free to Air policy slot
If you have missed seeing our 3 minute policy announcement on ABC or SBS you can watch it here.

Balance of Power cartoon
An animation has also been produced that explains the role of the senate and the issue of balance of power.

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows the following support for the Greens in the Senate races on first preferences. In many states preference flow puts the Greens in with a chance of a Senate seat. (Quota required is 14.3% except in ACT where it is 33.3%)
ACT: Greens 20% (up 4.5%)
TAS: Greens 20.5% (up 3%)
SA: Greens 6% (down 1%)
WA: Greens 10.5% (up 1%)
QLD: Greens 6.5% (up 0.5%)
VIC: Greens 10.5% (unchanged)
NSW: Greens 8.5% (down 0.5%)

Coming Highlights
Saturday: Launch of our Indigenous affairs policy by Rachel Siewart and Scott Ludlam
Sunday: Bob Brown will be announcing our package of policies to address climate change
Monday: National day of Action in opposition to a nuclear waste dump in the NT

We’ll see you out there on the campaign trail!
Greens National Election Campaign Team

For more information, check out the Greens election site:
http://greens.org.au/intro/ & http://greens.org.au/Election

Please feel free to post questions, discussions and relevant news to this community!
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Some witty street art to brighten your day... [Oct. 26th, 2007|08:33 am]
The Australian Greens

Pls 'scuse the quality. Nokia phones don't like taking night shots.

Goodwill on the Goodwill Bridge, in Brisbane, QLD.
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Notes from National: [Oct. 22nd, 2007|03:50 pm]
The Australian Greens
News from the Australian Greens office

1. A message from the Australian Greens Convenor

2. Message from the Australian Greens Senators

3. Introducing the Queensland Lead Senate Candidate – Larissa Waters

4. Ways you can help in the campaign

5. Open source democracy! The Greens Blog

6. The Greens You Tube Channel

Read on!Collapse )

As the election draws closer, our critics will become increasingly vitriolic. This is part of the price of the Greens becoming a major force in Australian politics, which we are. You can take action to get Greens elected by helping our policies get the public hearing they deserve. Please keep yourself informed about what we are really doing and saying by logging onto the party's website http://www.greens.org.au, or by downloading Bob’s regular podcasts and blogs directly from Bob’s Myspace site http://www.myspace.com/bobbrowngreens. When you get the chance, please write letters to the editor or call talkback radio to ensure that voters hear all about the kind of Australia the Greens really want. You can sign up to be involved on the Greens’ web site: http://www.greens.org.au/volunteer

Find out more about your Greens Party at http://www.greens.org.au or telephone us on 1 800 017 011
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Climate change explained [Oct. 22nd, 2007|03:43 pm]
The Australian Greens

Vote 1: Luntz. Also: Australian Greens.
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Bennelong Time Since I Rock and Rolled [Oct. 17th, 2007|05:27 pm]
The Australian Greens
This one is quite funny... post/pass it around!

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_zulGddP6o ]

And rather than just posting a barrage of entertaining videos, here's some Greens information that makes for a good read:

Australian Greens Party & Policy, including:
Australian Greens Party & Policy, alphabetical list
A: Environment
B: Agriculture & Natural Resources
C: Climate Change and Energy
D: Care for People
E: Human Rights & Democracy
F: Media, Arts & Science
G: Sustainable Economy
Or download a shorter Australian Greens policy overview in pdf form - Policies: Consolidated Document

Virtual places to visit:
Australian Greens main website
Greens Election website
Take action: Join the Greens!
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Preferential voting [Oct. 11th, 2007|04:22 pm]
The Australian Greens
Where does your vote go? What do preferences really mean? Australian Greens Victoria expert psephologist Stephen Luntz reveals all there is to know about the federal electoral system.


This is the first in a series of informative videos... Stay tuned!
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New Greens vid: Action on Climate Change! [Oct. 5th, 2007|04:59 pm]
The Australian Greens
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